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Help kids learn Hindi alphabets, foundation words, family relationships, action verbs, pronouns, sentence building, and much more.

Why Choose KidsLipi for Hindi Learning?

  1. Efficient Resources: Save time with our extensive library of prebuilt Hindi activities and quizzes, eliminating the need for extensive lesson planning.
  2. Engaging Learning: Boost student interest and retention with interactive lessons that make learning Hindi fun and memorable.
  3. Customizable Content: Easily tailor lessons to fit your curriculum with flexible and customizable resources, ensuring a perfect match for your teaching goals.

Outcome for Teachers: By choosing KidsLipi, teachers gain a supportive platform that simplifies lesson preparation, enhances student engagement, and allows for personalized teaching experiences. Embrace a more effective and enjoyable approach to teaching Hindi with KidsLipi.

Effective Learning

Engage in interactive learning through a kid-friendly interface.

KidsLipi app is an effective learning tool for children who are looking to improve their language skills. With its audio guidance and interactive features, children can easily grasp concepts and learn new words and small sentences.

Improved Reading

Unlock Hindi Reading Mastery Through Text Highlighting!

The text highlighting feature in KidsLipi app is an effective way to improve children’s reading skills. By identifying individual words in a sentence, children can develop their vocabulary and understanding of grammar and sentence structure.

Games and Quizzes

Embrace the Joy of Hindi through Games & Quizzes.

KidsLipi app offers an engaging learning experience through its games and quizzes. These activities make learning fun and interactive, which encourages children to take an interest in language learning and stay motivated to learn more.

Monitor students’ progress with detailed reports on their activities, games, and quizzes. These reports provide personalized feedback throughout the learning journey.

KidLipi: A Certified Educational App with a 4-Star Rating
KidLipi: An Educational App Store Certified with a 4-Star Rating

Read testimonials from one of our early adopters!!

“I was one of the key decision makers for the purchase of KidsLipi at the Chinmaya Mission Yamunotri center which is a not for profit spiritual organization.

As a Hindi teacher volunteer at Chinmaya Mission, I have looked for ways to enrich the Hindi language learning process for the kids. Last year when we evaluated this app, it did not have adequate content which could have been usable. 

This has significantly improved this year as they have added a good amount of material for the kids along with the framework to add more and keep the kids engaged with games and challenges.

Samir has made the process very smooth so far. I appreciate his help and look forward to getting this integrated to our teaching processes at our center.”

– Chinmaya Mission Yamunotri Center Hindi Teacher

What does a free account offer?

  1. Free Foundation Activities: All foundational word activities across various languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, Sanskrit, and any new languages added in the future.
  2. Preview Advanced Activities: Preview and assess KidsLipi’s comprehensive range of advanced, prebuilt activity levels before subscribing.
  3. Advance Games: Exclusive access to advanced games, available only to students enrolled in a class.
  4. Five Students Included: Invite up to 5 students to join your class.
  5. Progress Reports: Full access to detailed progress reports, offering a complete view of the platform before you decide on the yearly subscription.

What does a subscription include?

  1. Experience Tailored Learning: Our platform offers a mix of custom and pre-built activities, enabling teachers to provide an enjoyable and engaging language learning experience through our user-friendly mobile app.
  2. Engage with Foundation Word Exercises: Participate in interactive exercises designed to master foundation words and sentences in Hindi.
  3. Learn Through Interactive Play: Students learn action verbs, family relationships, and introductions via engaging activities.
  4. Enhance Skills with Sentence Building: Progressive sentence activities focused on improving students’ sentence-building skills.
  5. Access Advanced Games: Over 10 advanced games to make learning fun and interactive.
  6. Reinforcing Learning with Quizzes: Enable students to test their understanding and reinforce their learning with tailored quizzes.
  7. Track Progress: Keep track of your students’ learning journey with our comprehensive progress tracking tools.
  8. Dive into Alphabet Activities: Master the Hindi alphabets through engaging activities that use English as a supportive bridge.
  9. Discover Fresh Content Regularly: Enjoy continually updated learning materials, including a variety of languages beyond Hindi, to keep your students’ learning experience vibrant and current.
  10. Choose Multi-Level Learning: Select from various levels tailored to match your student’s current proficiency, ensuring a paced and effective learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our product is primarily designed for young learners, ideally suited for children aged 5 to 12 years. It targets beginners and intermediate learners, offering a friendly and effective introduction to language basics and gradually building towards more complex concepts.

Absolutely. Our platform is ideally suited for beginners in Hindi. It features a variety of prebuilt activities designed to support students starting from the basics and help them progress to an intermediate level. Additionally, for schools, we offer the exclusive option to create custom activities. This allows schools to tailor the learning experience to seamlessly integrate with their specific curriculum and address unique educational needs.

Yes, our platform is ideal for children learning Hindi as a second language. It provides an engaging and interactive way to grasp the basics and gradually build proficiency.

Absolutely. Our platform offers detailed reporting tools that track completed activities and game scores, enabling you to closely monitor your students’ progress throughout their learning journey. These insights are instrumental in identifying areas where students may need additional focus, helping you tailor your feedback and support to optimize their learning experience.

Our free account provides access to a variety of prebuilt activities tailored to help children learn foundational words. These resources are designed to effectively support language learning, with the capability to assign activities to up to five students. This feature allows you to firsthand experience KidsLipi’s engaging and effective approach to language learning, setting the stage for the enhanced benefits of a yearly subscription.

The 15-day trial gives you access to all of pre-built activities and features on our platform. It’s a great way to experience how our program can benefit your student’s learning process before committing to a full year subscription.

Yes, for a limited time, first 100 early adopters can enjoy a 70% discount for the first year. This offer is available for purchases made within the first 15 days of creating a new account.

Yes, we offer foundation activities in Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Spanish, and Sanskrit. While our advanced activities and quizzes are currently most extensive in Hindi, we’re planning to expand these advanced pre-built activities to other languages soon.

Yes, KidsLipi is great for homeschooling, and we offer special pricing, which is only $20 for entire year, for parents teaching at home. This plan provides full access to all of our engaging language activities at a discounted rate, perfect for your homeschool curriculum.

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