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Help Kids learn Hindi alphabets, foundation words, family relationships,
action verbs, pronouns, and much more.

Effective Learning

Engage in interactive learning through a kid-friendly interface.

KidsLipi app is an effective learning tool for children who are looking to improve their language skills. With its audio guidance and interactive features, children can easily grasp concepts and learn new words.

Improved Reading

Unlock Hindi Reading Mastery Through Text Highlighting!

The text highlighting feature in KidsLipi app is an effective way to improve children’s reading skills. By identifying individual words in a sentence, children can develop their vocabulary and understanding of grammar and sentence structure.

Games and Quizzes

Embrace the Joy of Hindi through Games & Quizzes.

KidsLipi app offers an engaging learning experience through its games and quizzes. These activities make learning fun and interactive, which encourages children to take an interest in language learning and stay motivated to learn more.

Monitor students’ progress with detailed reports on their activities, games, and quizzes. These reports provide personalized feedback throughout the learning journey.

Indian languages

Language SupportedFoundation ActivitiesAdvanced Activities*Custom ActivitiesAdvanced Games

Global languages

Language SupportedFoundation ActivitiesAdvanced Activities*Custom ActivitiesAdvanced Games
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* Active subscription is required. We are working on adding advanced activities for other languages.

What is included in one year subscription?

  1. Alphabet Activities: Engage in fun activities to learn Hindi alphabets through English.
  2. Foundation Word Exercises: Participate in interactive exercises designed to master foundation words and sentences in Hindi.
  3. Learn Through Action: Understand action verbs, family relationships, and introductions via engaging activities.
  4. Sentence Building: Take part in progressive sentence activities to enhance sentence-building skills.
  5. Advanced Games: Access to 10+ advanced games to make learning fun and interactive.
  6. Reinforcing Quizzes: Take quizzes based on the activities to reinforce learning and assess understanding.
  7. Progress Tracking: Monitor your student’s progress with comprehensive tracking tools.
  8. Fresh Content: Enjoy access to new content added throughout the year to keep the learning experience fresh and updated.
  9. Interactive Learning Experience: Benefit from an interactive learning platform that makes mastering Hindi enjoyable.
  10. Multi-Level Learning: Choose from multiple levels based on your student’s current proficiency for effective and paced learning.


What age group is the product designed for?

The product is designed for children of all ages, specifically targeted towards beginners to intermediate level proficiency.

Can my students use this platform if they’re a complete beginner in Hindi?

Yes, absolutely. Our product is designed to cater to beginners and takes them through a progressive journey to reach an intermediate level of Hindi proficiency. Hindi Pronunciation level activities designed to help kids transition from English to Hindi alphabets.

Is this platform beneficial for kids learning Hindi as a second language?

Yes, our platform is ideal for children learning Hindi as a second language. It provides an engaging and interactive way to grasp the basics and gradually build proficiency.

Can I track my student’s progress?

Yes, we provide comprehensive tracking tools that allow you to monitor your student’s progress throughout their learning journey.

What does the 15-day trial offer?

The 15-day trial gives you access to all of pre-built activities and features on our platform. It’s a great way to experience how our program can benefit your student’s learning process before committing to a full year subscription.

How does the subscription work after the 15-day trial?

After the 15-day trial, if you find our product beneficial for your student’s learning journey, you can choose to subscribe to our yearly plan for $119.88.

How often is new content added?

We strive to keep our learning material fresh and engaging, so we regularly add new content throughout the year.

What does free account includes?

The free account include all foundation activities for multiple languages, advanced games, and access to five students.

How many students included in a subscription?

The Teachers’ subscription allows a maximum of 20 active students at any given time. Additional licenses can be purchased if necessary. For School subscriptions, customization is available based on the school’s requirements. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Do you offer any special discount?

Yes, we offer a special 50% discount for teachers who subscribe within 30 days after joining KidsLipi for the first time. This discount saves $59.94 for the yearly subscription.

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