Schools struggle to adapt digital language learning content to their specific curriculum, and there is no easy way to turn their physical language learning content into an adaptable and dynamic digital experience. At the same time, students are becoming less and less engaged in textbook-based learning. They want a dynamic experience that helps them learn while making education fun. This is where KidsLipi comes in.

It is a digital language learning app created to help children develop proficiency in Indian regional languages. The best part is that this language learning platform provides the same high-quality learning experience to children in all regional languages. 

This article tells you all you need to know about this Indian language-learning app. Keep reading to find out more! 

How Will KidsLipi Benefit Schools and Teachers? 

Schools and teachers stand to benefit from KidsLipi in many ways. Schools can quickly and easily turn existing content/curriculum into a digital experience with the ability to create over 40 combinations of activities, games, and quizzes based on their content. Teachers get an easy management dashboard to assign work to students, and students can engage from anywhere through the easy mobile application. 

Other benefits of KidsLipi include the following:

Access to the App’s Learning Materials

Schools will access the app’s learning materials and games upon subscribing to one of this language platform’s packages. Teachers will use these materials and share them with their students. They will also augment what students learn within the class setting with tailored, confidence-building games and actions. Finally, they will utilize this platform to give their students beginner-level creative interactive books.

Access to the Required Learning Reinforcement

Teachers will have access to the required learning reinforcement via the learning app’s activities and games. There is also an availability of easy-to-read reports that will assist teachers in tracking their student’s development. Reports will give teachers crucial data on usage and proficiency, allowing them to know each student’s position and progress in comprehending the language. 

The Ability to Design Content That Is Congruent With Classroom Curriculum

This learning language management system allows teachers to design and offer content congruent with the classroom curriculum. It is also possible to customize all activities, tests, and games to match the book’s content and lessons. This gives educators total control over what students practice at home. The games the app offers give students a strong background in letters and words. 

The App’s Content Correlates With What Students Are Learning

Educators are responsible for generating KidsLipi’s content, which corresponds with what students are currently learning. This ensures that progress statistics become more relevant. It will also make educators’ lives easier by minimizing the administration, reporting, and lesson planning they may need to do.

What Is the Cost of the KidsLipi App?

There is a free version of the KidsLipi app that allows parents and teachers to access more than 300 words and sentences and over 25 different categories. This is crucial in offering an effective means of determining if the app tends to children’s learning needs.

There is also a paid version of the app, where schools buy a license of the paid platform that is usually accompanied by content creation capabilities, the design of lessons, and progress reporting. It also has a distinct login feature for each student to its mobile learning application.

KidsLipi is unique in that it caters to Indian language learning, with over 300+ words and sentences and approximately 25 to 30 activities available for free for anyone to try out. The best part is that the platform has transitioned in recent years and can now also support other languages like Spanish, French, German, and many more!

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KidsLipi is a digital language learning platform created to help children develop proficiency in Indian regional languages. The platform helps language educators to offer a custom-made learning experience to students. To experience more, request a demo now!