With so many choices out there for Learning Management Systems, it’s imperative to know the differences between them all and how they’d best fit with your classroom or school.

What exactly is an LMS? Learning Management Systems are online platforms that can deliver, track and provide reporting for education-based programs. An LMS can be used to support blended learning and in-person learning. Educators can plan lessons, provide instruction, and monitor student activity through these platforms. Administrators can oversee whole-school growth and areas for improvement at the school level.

An LMS can be a central location for educators that helps them stay organized and keep students on track. In some cases, they can even communicate with parents through whatever system they use.

So what are the differences between LMS platforms like Schoology and Canvas, and KidsLipi?

Larger platforms like Schoology and Canvas were developed with only organization in mind and not designed for a particular curriculum. While there are ways to customize these platforms to be subject or class-specific, they were not created with language learning in mind. KidsLipi is designed specifically for language learning, with the foremost priority being alignment to in-class curriculum. This allows teachers to personalize lessons and gives them a timely assessment of student progress. There isn’t a need to “settle” for features that don’t work well with their courses because KidsLipi is designed around the same coursework you are using.

Most LMS platforms keep everything in one place. But on the student end of the experience, it can be overwhelming. With multiple subjects in the same LMS, it’s easy for students to navigate away from where individual teachers would like them to focus. Because KidsLipi concentrates only on language learning, it provides an environment where students can give their attention only to their language learning. It also gives them a seamless experience from in-class learning to supplemental practice at home.

In terms of progress tracking, Schoology and Canvas might show what successful completion of tasks, but in terms of meaningful data, they cannot provide scoring data. For example, KidsLipi reports provide:

  • Activities completed
  • Stars (given each time a student finishes all words or sentences)
  • Scores for each type of game provided on the platform

For language educators looking for a platform that helps them stay efficient, tracks progress, and keeps students focused, KidsLipi is the best option over a broad, cookie-cutter LMS.

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